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  • Black Pudding with Mangalitza Pork Fat Min. 300g

    This Prince of Black Puddings is produced by an artisan butcher who really understands how to bring out the best in a pudding - although he definitely has a head start when it contains Mangalitza Pork Fat. We love this product so much that it has taken us three orders to be able to keep enough in stock in the office to sell to the public!! Use it for VERY special breakfasts or to complement fresh scallops .... make an apple stack with it and present your guests with a starter that they will never forget! Learn More

  • Outdoor Reared Pork Belly Strips (2) Min. 500g+

    Pork Belly strips or slices are a little bit like spare ribs without the bone - easy and simple to both cook and eat! You will need to roast them off in the oven for about half an hour on 200 degrees C, and then pour most of the fat away before coating in your favourite barbeque sauce and cooking for another 25 minutes. Learn More

  • Belted Galloway - Dry Aged Sirloin Steak Min. 220g

    The Belted Galloway is one of the most visually distinctive breeds of cattle, and is often nicknamed the "Oreo" cow due to its similarity in colouring to the biscuit treat. its many merits lie not only in its unique appearance and good nature, but also in its hardiness and top quality beef, which is slow grown and usually nicely marbled. Originating in the harsh upland climate of the Galloway hills in beautiful south west Scotland, the Beltie is well-equipped to thrive outdoors in any climate.We present for you a dry aged sirloin steak, which has superb eating quality and is very good value for money. Learn More

  • Outdoor Reared Pork Belly Min.1kg

    We couldn't wait to present you this iconic and increasingly popular cut - and we have some great tips for achieving that amazing crunchy crispy crackling that everyone loves!

    1. Try placing the belly, skin side up, in the sink and pour boiling water over it (a kettle full). Then let it drain well and pat it completely dry before adding the rub.

    2. Use a good oil to rub all over the skin, (which has already been scored for you) and then rub a nice sea salt well in, getting down into all the cracks. You can add fennel seeds too if you like fennel.

    3. Get your oven nice and hot at about 220 Degrees C ...... and place the belly in a deep baking tin on top of roughly chopped vegetables such as fresh fennel, leeks and carrots. You need to place the belly in the oven at this temperature for about 15 - 20 minutes or until you see that crackling beginning to rise and bubble, going beautifully crisp.

    4. Once that process has taken place you can turn the oven down to about 160 Degrees C and leave the belly in for at least another two hours. You can test to see if it is ready after that time by pulling it with a fork to see if it comes away easily.

    The end result is sure to be fantastic and we just know you'll be a Food Hero in your own right after producing this dish for your friends and family! Learn More

  • Venison Burgers Bumper BBQ Pack of 10

    This Bumper BBQ Pack is our way of giving something back for all the wonderful support you have shown to us during this crisis. We have made a huge reduction in the price of some of our burgers, and would like to fondly imagine that you will be enjoying some summer madness in your gardens or on your balconies during the lockdown warm weather. 

    In fact, if you do want to purchase a Bumber BBQ Pack, we would love to have photographs of how you choose to cook them to feature on our Social Media ! Just pop a photograph over to info@alternativemeats.co.uk and leave the rest to us!

    Venison Burgers are a great way to try venison if you have not tried it before, as the richness of the meat really lends itself to our burger recipe - producing a quick easy meal, but what a lovely way to ring the changes!

    Allergens :   Gluten, Sulphites, Preservative E221, Celery



    Learn More

  • Sizzle 'n Spice Box - Serves 4

    This great new selection box is designed for using this summer, either on your indoor grill or the BBQ - so it is weather proof ! It has been carefully put together to provide a really great choice of food for upto four, and comes complete with two of our lovely SpiceNTice kits to make life really simple and carefree.

    Your Box Contains:

    Outdoor Reared Pork - Meaty Spare Ribs 1kg

    Char Siu Spare Rib Kit

    Corn Fed Chicken Thighs - Pack of 4

    Tikka Sizzler Spice Kit

    Mangalitza Burgers x 4

    Mangalitza Sausages x 1 Pack

    Learn More

  • Welsh Wagyu Beef Brisket - Whole

    This piece of Welsh Wagyu will yield the most amazing results if you can handle it. The piece weighs about 5kg and comes whole, as shown here, with a good fat covering, so it is suitable for both the BBQ and for smoking.Learn More

7 Item(s)

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