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  • Boned, Rolled and Stuffed Oven Ready Pheasant Breasts Min. 250g

    This speciality joint has been prepared for you to oven cook (roast), and is what we would describe as "easy carve". It is a boneless pheasant breast, stuffed with Wild Boar and Apricot sausage meat and is a very flavoursome roast and something quite different to offer your guests........... This product is seasonal, of course, and will arrive with you frozen. Learn More

  • Game Roulade Min. 600g

    Our Game Roulade feeds 3 to 4 guests and is a perfect way to introduce game at the dinner table for the first time. We have layered pheasant and pigeon fillets with orange & thyme stuffing, rolled in locally smoked bacon. With no bones or waste, the roulade is great roasted in the oven and eaten either hot or cold. As a starter its hard to beat cold, finely sliced with some relish and garnish. The dark meat from the pigeon and the light meat from the pheasant make a lovely contrast on the plate. Carries cooking instructions with the packaging. Learn More

  • Goose Breast Fillet (Packed Singly) Min. 350g

    What a fabulous way to enjoy goose without having to buy the whole bird!  

    The skin covering keeps the lovely goose fat in place and you can score this and cook skin side down, which will produce some delicious fat for your roasties ... and, as it is high in mono-unsaturates it's healthy too! As we collect these through the year they are frozen down and will arrive with you frozen, either for transfer to the fridge to defrost or for your freezer drawer.

    Pan fry to start off with, skin side down, to produce some lovely Goose Fat for your roasties ... and finish slowly in the oven if you want it "fall apart tender".

    Learn More

  • Mangalitza Dry Cured Gammon - Approx. 1kg TWO GOLD STAR WINNER 2018 GREAT TASTE AWARDS

    Using a traditional dry cure, we have taken the fabulously marbled Mangalitza Pork legs and created one of the best gammons that we have ever tasted! The meat is a dark ruby red and retains a lot of its succulence due to the amazing intra-muscular marbling, and of course the fat covering is absolutely delicious. Place your joint in a large plan of water and bring to the boil, discarding the water and refreshing the pan after that. We would recommend boiling the gammon for approximately 30 minutes / lb (or 1hr/kg) and then cool the joint for about 15 minutes. You can then score the fat into diamond shapes and it does look very attractive to stud with cloves in the centre of each square or diamond. A particularly tasty glaze can be made by simply combining a whole grain mustard and honey or maple syrup, spread over the ham and place it in a foil lined baking tin. It will usually take about twenty five minutes at 200C for the glaze to turn a beautiful golden brown and to fill the kitchen with the glorious aroma of baked ham! Learn More

  • Tender, Succulent, Crackling Suckling Pig - Whole, Oven Ready

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    Our Suckling Pigs are delicious when slow roasted, producing a crisp, golden crackling and succulent, sweet and tender meat. They will usually feed between 15 - 18 hungry adults, and If you visit our home page and follow the link to the Tastebuds Website, you will find some great cooking tips! Learn More

5 Item(s)

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